Unforgettable holiday in Schladming



in the ground floor of our house 

After a day of hiking or skiing, relax in our “Wellness & Harmony” spa, to energize your body, mind and soul. Our host Hans Zirngast has lovingly created
a unique 100 m² wellness area in the ground floor of our house including heated ceramic benches, warm walls, floors and many healing rooms and saunas. 
The use of the entire wellness, towels and bathrobes is included in the price of the apartment.

Hans Zirngast was the first in Austria to design the wellness environment in this form with ceramics. He makes feel-good designed benches and walls of different shapes and colours from water-resistant materials with heating, salt stone salariums and tiled stoves. Whether it’s for the hotel industry or for private use, his handmade and individually designed ceramic elements fascinate by their harmonious appearance and give out a special, unique ambience. 

salt Therapy Room

Salarium ® 

Salarium is made from 14 000 kilos of the best quality Himalayan salt with colour changing walls and ceilings, subtle background music and a mist generating salty and aromatic scents.

Experience the beneficial effects with 3 times more salt than the sea, which strengthens the body’s defences and helps healing. It has a supportive and preventive effect on respiration and skin as well as stress. Make yourself comfortable and recharge your batteries in this all-natural solution used to ease breathing discomfort and promote healthy skin.

Mountain herbal sauna

Die Bergkräutersauna 

The ideal sauna for beginners at a temperature of 55 ° C and high humidity of 45% with pleasant fragrance of local hay flowers and mountain herbs.

Steam bath


The mild-humid steam room is more wet and less hot than a sauna with vitalising “baby skin effect”, completed with hay flower and mountains scent. Enjoy the changing lights and colours and feel the gentle experience on your skin.

Shower Adventure

Erlebnisdusche, Eisgrotte 

The shower room has four programs with a choice of tropical rain, ice storm, ice mist and salt mist rain. All this by a push of a button complete with a mint scent. In the ice cave we have crushed ice falling from the ceiling and cooled walls and floor with the effect of reflex zone massage for your feet.


Gentle heat with a strong effect 

A magical room with heated ceramic benches, lounges, floors and walls giving off radiant heat surrounded by natural mountain crystals is ideal after a day outdoors, where two-hour stay is the equivalent to eight hours of deep sleep.

Finnish sauna


The natural-essential oils blend wonderfully with the fragrances of special scents with anti-aging, detoxification and peeling effects. 

Massages and Yoga

Energetic massages, Healing and Yoga Classes 

Take advantage of your holiday in our apartment house and treat yourself to some real pampering. Your hostess Nikolina Zirngast is a trained Wellness Masseur and Human Energetiker and brings your body energies back into balance. In addition to a series of energetic spa massages, you can also detoxify. Nikolina is also a yoga coach and offers yoga classes for beginners, advanced and instructors.